Terms and Conditions

What Voids you Warranty?

  • Changing Account Details (We do no offer warranty after you change the email due to abuse of replacements/warranty)
  • Adding additional security such as 2FA, Authenticator, Phone etc to account
  • Deleting Emails
  • Attempting to Deceive us
  • Payment Dispute before Contacting us
  • Negative Review before Contacting us and fully resolving your issue
  • If a Ban/Lock was issued on the account after the purchase date
  • Logging in to multiple accounts on the same IP & Cookies (Use new IP & Cookies each time)
  • Contacting Support of the Accounts Platform before contacting us
  • Having previous bans on the game from previous accounts you may have used in the past (Buying a new account may not solve your ban received in the past)

We do not recommend changing account details since it makes it harder to verify your info in case of issues, it’s safe to keep it the same.


Buying/Using Multiple Accounts?
When buying or using multiple accounts you must use new IP & Cookies when using each account, there is no replacement if you get the account locked/banned/flagged for suspicious activity  if you log in to multiple on the same IP & Cookies, we do not replace in such case, this is on you for being incompetent.


Can I resell these accounts?

Of course you can! We are not responsible for the customers you resell to,


General Terms

  • We do not replace/refund if the account is in a region you do not like/want it does not make a difference
  • We are not responsible for any game/account progress lost in any scenario
  • For “Random” products (including keys) we do not offer replacement/refund if you get games you don’t like or don’t want, the whole point is it is random, try your luck
  • Refund will be provided if we cannot resolve a problem on our end
  • We do not guarantee anything for other bonus games on your account (Such as playable/Bans etc)
  • It’s not our fault if your PC cannot handle the requirements of the game, no refund is provided
  • We only sell accounts for PC, we do not guarantee the ability to play/work on other consoles/devices
  • If not specified accounts may have been played on before
  • All accounts come with the ability to play online, we don’t sell offline activations
  • We do not sell carded/fraudulent accounts


We have the right to update our terms at any time.

Always make sure to read the full description of the product your buying to avoid any misunderstanding, if you have any further questions, then just ask us ­čÖé